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Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

All the essential bookkeeping services needed to run your practice or business
Classify & Record Transactions

All financial transactions coming from various sources (bank & credit card accounts, bill statements, etc.) are recorded into an accounting system. Each transaction is categorized into an account.

Reconcile Accounts

Verify and check that theĀ  transactions recorded in your accounting system matches your bank, credit card, and loan statements.

Financial Statements

Prepare accurate monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements: Balance Sheet, Income Statement (Profit & Loss), and Statement of Cash Flows.

Practice Management Integration

We can import the most current revenue data from your Practice Management Systems (Visual-Eyes, OD Office Pro, Oscar etc.)into your accounting system.

Direct Billing Reconcilation

You have made it more convienient for your clients, by direct billing their insurance provider. We can take care of the reconcilation process so you receive all the payments owed to you!

Provincial Health Insurance Plan Reconcilation

Every month ensure you are getting paid correctly by your Provincal Health Insurance Plan. We use monthly Remittance Advice and Claims Error Reports to track your claims that have been paid, rejected, or need to be resubmitted.


We handle your payroll with care. From calculating and remitting payroll taxes, preparing T4 slips to managing direct deposits, our team is up-to-date on Canadian payroll regulations to ensure your employees are paid accurately and on time.

Accounts Payable

Efficient accounts payable management is crucial for the financial health of your business. Our bookkeeping team ensures that all vendor bills are accurately recorded and paid on time, while keeping an eye on cash flow and helping you avoid late fees and penalties.

Accounts Recievable

Your hard work should translate into timely payments! We will streamline your billing processes, send invoices to your clients, track customer payments, and follow up on overdue accounts.

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