Professional Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

for Health Care Professionals

Mitchell Bell

Free yourself from the burdens of keeping your books up-to-date and your staff paid on time. Embrace a more fulfilling work-life balance, while saving valuable time and money!



Essential Monthly Bookkeeping Services

We will take care of organizing all the day-to-day transactions, HST/GST remittances, and reconciling of your accounts (Bank, credit card, loans, provincial health insurance plans, third-party insurance).  With monthly financial statements, you’ll always know where your business stands financially. We charge a flat monthly rate, so you’ll never be surprised by an invoice.

Bookkeeping Setup, Catch-Up, and Clean Up

Behind on your bookkeeping? No matter how out-of-date your books may be, we will get you caught up and help you stay on track going forward. We can also help you get started with cloud bookkeeping or set up a bookkeeping system from scratch.

Payroll Services

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business, and paying them correctly and on time is essential for maintaining their motivation and productivity. This involves meticulous record-keeping and precise calculations for payroll taxes, employment insurance, and CPP contributions.

Get Started

Let's Get To Know Each Other

Request a Free Quote. Every business is unique and has different needs. We will contact you to schedule a free 30-Minute Video Chat to learn more about you and your business. Once we review your finanacial data and determine your bookkeeping and payroll needs, we will provide you with a free roadmap to get your books in order along with a personalized quote.

Smooth and Seamless Onboarding

Our simple onboarding process is hassle-free. After you complete some initial paperwork, we will handle the setup of your accounting file with Quickbooks Online or integrate with your existing Accounting system.

Grow your business

Take the worry out of bookkeeping and payroll with our expert support. We will work with you and your staff to develop a customized plan keep your finances up-to-date and provide access to reliable reports whenever you need them.


Our bookkeeping services ensure that all year-end data is properly organized and available to your accountant. We will simplify tax-time and prepare your books for the next fiscal year. So take that end-of-year trip you always wanted to!

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